Friday, July 06, 2012


hi there

well, going on my July posts thus far you would be forgiven for assuming or perhaps expecting this to be a post of how The Stone Roses went to Saltburn for the day. alas, no, this is more a return to business as usual for my blog.

on that note, i am led to believe that blogs are all supposed to be about three things - me, me and me. strange that, and i do try to veer away from such stuff unless of course it's a review of something or other. anyway, on to much more important things!

with us away for The Stone Roses, James and William were left in the great and excellent care of Colin, Angela, Andrew and Mr Travel, Christopher. we knew that they would not only be in the best care possible but also that they would have a truly fantastic time. as good as well had, actually!

as the weather remained (mostly) good, they went off to Saltburn for the day. as they had one of them disposable camera things too for some reason (probably at the behest of James) they took some pictures that i have been able to scan in. and scan in, you will note, around the smear line that affected my recent Heaton Park pictures!

how about starting with a picture of William? he really loves those car and animal ride things you can get on at some places, and what could possibly be better than going for a ride with the legendary Postman Pat? not much!

James kind of gets bored with the rides that you sit on and rock about a bit with, to be honest. what he never ever gets tired of, though - and i hope that he never does - is looking for ways to see in which he might be Batman. this would usually if not commonly involve a batpole thingie, and how handy that he found one within the realm of Saltburn!

possibly my most favourite and cherished non-wedding, non-Stone Roses picture of Michele and i was taken by Colin at Saltburn, now that i think on. will have to dig it out and scan it in to put here one of these days! in the mean time, though, more of James and William at play in the magnificence of the place!

here they are on some sort of climbing frame - slide type thing. i think that is what it is, at the least - probably not, but they have soon turned it in to one!

i quite like how Angela is at the ready to catch them on the off chance that whatever excellent idea it is they have goes a bit wrong! good luck with that, and thank you!

James appears to have gotten hold of the camera for most of the day and took some interesting pictures. i think my favourite of the ones he snapped is an artistic piece called "close up of red" that i have not included here. one that i have decided to scan in, however, is of everyone but James eating lunch. which is quite usual!

splendid! Mummy and Daddy are both exceptionally pleased to see that the boys had just as good a time as us! i would dare not say better, of course, but i suspect their day had a good deal less mud than ours!

no doubt more updates shall follow on eventually!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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