Sunday, July 15, 2012

the best South African export to England?

hi again

well, there's a case to say that the best SA export to England ever was probably Ashes hero Kevin Pietersen, really. i have a very dear friend, however, who will disagree with that a good deal since Nando's has made it all the way there!

it was interesting to discover the slightly different approach in England to Nando's. here in SA it is seen more as an upper class, luxury takeaway of the finest quality. in England, however, it seems to be more of a sit down, fancy restaurant type arrangement. they do offer takeaway meals, of course, but more on that later.

Andrew took me for a taste of English Nando's before we went to see Red Lights. i was hoping to score a takeaway menu for my dear friend (yes, Ronel, you), but alas they did not offer such a thing. instead, then, i took a picture of the menu as best as i could with my somewhat wanting blueberry camera thing.

not sure what you can make out on that, but for the most part the menu is the same as you would get in SA, only costing a bit more and offering items that suit the English demands, such as garlic bread with everything.

as for the meal itself, there is no such thing as bad Nando's. i went for my usual, which is half chicken and chips. and here, if you really want to see, is what it looked like.

tasty and did its job, but i must say the chickens in England appear to be somewhat smaller than the ones they use in SA!

i mentioned that they did takeaways. how do i know this? because as Andrew and i walked in, who would be walking out other than oh captain my captain, Middlesbrough legend and current manager, Mr Tony Mowbray? i was sorely tempted to get a picture, but at that moment he was not he that i worshipped, he was just Tony Mowbray the family man, wanting to get home with dinner. he did say "ow do lads" to us, which was most excellent!

no picture of me with Mr Mowbray, but for those interested in seeing your humble narrator, here be i outside the Middlesbrough division of Nando's.

and it is not just Middlesbrough that has the benefit of eating their fine foods! we went for a day out in York (well, an afternoon, but more on that in a future post), and what should we walk past? yep, a Nando's.

for good measure i got a picture of Michele and James stood outside it, as well as quite by accident some most excellent Japanese tourists. 

ha, there's a reflection of my good self in that one, and i seem to be wearing the same shirt that i was when i went to the Boro one! perhaps the shirt is some sort of magnet for class peri peri chicken?

i believe that's all i can say about Nando's for one post, except to mention that i will be having one of their finest extra hot burgers very soon indeed......

cheers to Andrew for the great dinner!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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