Friday, July 20, 2012

England via BlueBerry

hey there

OK, one more set of pictures from England to share! these are taken with my Blueberry thing, a device for taking pictures that, as regular readers shall be aware, are not normally all that good in terms of quality. the basic blueberry model is not blessed with the greatest camera, although i suspect it might help if i cleaned the lens or something. anyway here, in some sort of order, are the better pictures i took with the thing.

to start with here's James, followed as ever by William, trying to catch a sheep!

as per previous posts, James did not quite manage to catch one. i am not sure if this is a good or bad thing, really!

now then, i'd like to think that Nando's in England has been covered rather well earlier in this blog. there is, however, an alternate view that there is no such thing as too much Nando's. to that effect, then, here is a picture of Andrew as we headed to this sensational restaurant prior to seeing Red Lights.

many thanks again to Andrew, my MMA, for the class evening out!

now i am pretty sure i know what you are thinking around about now. no way, i hear you think, have anywhere near enough pictures of The Stone Roses at Heaton Park featured on this blog. let me put a few more here, then!

i recall putting up pictures of my chum John Payne with me holding our Stone Roses tickets at Heaton Park, but cannot remember if i did the same with one of Michele and i. if i did, well, here it is again!

to be honest, just standing in a field with Michele for a day and night would have been a very excellent thing on its own. having The Stone Roses, amongst others, there with us was just a major bonus!

in that regard, here's one of them "self portrait" pictures i took of the two of us, that i really rather like!

hope you do too!

as for images of The Stone Roses onstage themselves, well, there are hundreds of professionally taken ones all across the internet. i understand my simple snaps are not quite as good as those ones, but i do like this next one. it's rather funky!

that's probably quite enough pics of The Stone Roses from me for a while, i would imagine!

although possibly not quite enough of pictures of the magnificent city that is Manchester. if for some reason you are looking for a blurry image taken of Manchester from a bus on an overcast / drizzling day, then you are in luck with the next one!

i did not quite get to do all that i wished in Manchester on this trip, and at the top of the list of things not done would indeed be a visit to Salford Lads Club. that means, then, that i will most certainly making another visit to the place one day!

on returning from Manchester, i did as mentioned before purchase the at the time most recent album from Plan B, that thing about someone called Strickland Banks. for some reason Andrew was rather keen for me to take a blueberry picture of it and send it to him, so here it is for your viewing pleasure.

yes, that is a copy of the Evening Gazette it is sat on!

in the world of slightly less modern music, i was thrilled to see that Grandma and Gramps were still getting use out of my most excellent Holly Johnson keyring!

i ordered that, as i recall, from Holly's fan club back in 1989 or 1990. good to see that it has held up! Holly was and indeed remains always excellent with the fans. one of my most prized possessions remains the signed copy of his debut solo album, Blast, that he sent me, and if you want to have speaks with him he's always keen to hear from fans on the grand social network.

ever wondered what Dixon's Bank looked like late on a night, walking away from that fine establishment they call the Brunton Arms? wonder no more!

i was given assurances that this "dogging" business takes place in the car park there. i did not, alas, find any evidence of that, and it seemed rather rude to just go and ask the staff there.

i did have a decent enough pint in the 'Brunnies', mind. but i had an even better drink whilst in York!

aaah, dandelion and burdock! the king of drinks! we do get a sort of version of it over here, oddly, but it just not taste the same as the "proper stuff" one gets at home!

this next picture is one for you to puzzle over somewhat, and indeed admire the fact that blueberry feel no need to add a flash to their phone camera thingies.

i know exactly what is going on in this picture, but i am not allowed to say. if you are that curious, you could always try asking my (considerably) better half......

onwards to the next picture, then, and something strange indeed - graffiti, ladies and gentlemen, seems to have at last arrived in Great Ayton!

wow! that's actually a very class Che Guevara stencil someone has added to the back of a road sign there!

that last picture, much like the next one, was taken from the confines of our most excellent hire car.

in regards of this next one, it's taken on the way to the airport to leave UK, and features that magnificent statue the Angel Of The North.

i seem to recall a lot of people were baffled by it when it was first put up, but in general it's accepted these days as a great and wonderful addition to the general landscape of the North East. sorry that i took the picture on a grey day!

and finally, then, one not in England but of England. we got back to our home safe and sound, and with the help of Mum and Dad got all the cases back into the house!

as you can see, James was very keen to get started with unpacking, if only to get his hands on the class toys and games he picked up whilst on holiday!

right, i think that's it for holiday and holiday related pictures for a while! i shall just have to think of something else to write about, probably only next week though!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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