Monday, July 30, 2012


hi there

i had reason, the details of which i shall go into later, to have a chat with my Dad on the phone earlier this evening. this would be something that i seldom do, for i seem to have an incredible knack of calling him when he is busy with something. i suppose he's always busy with something, but never mind.

whereas the call itself was somewhat unusual, Dad said something that seemed a little out of the ordinary under the circumstances. what was it he said? well, it was - more than once - how he was looking forward to my next blog post.

assuming he was not referring to my updates on things like The Stone Roses or this interesting new Hannibal series, i just kind of assumed that he was talking about pictures from the weekend, like this one.....

it's also the case that he is one of my most regular of regular readers. well, sort of. he "reads the bits about himself", apparently, and skips over all the other stuff which he presumes, perhaps rightly, to be "nonsense". as quite a few of my readers are here thanks to him directing them towards me, i certainly do not grumble about his approach.

as it turns out, however, it wasn't really the pictures from the weekend he was particularly keen to have a gander at. a suspicious, if you will, brown paper bag of medium to large size was sat on the bed waiting for me. this was a touch exciting, to be honest, as there was the remote chance it was a "Cloughie", named so for receptacles constructed of brown paper were always the way in which the legendary, great Brian Clough preferred to conduct financial transactions.

there was, alas, no "Cloughie" inside the bag. not even an "El Tel" to be honest. instead i found inside the bag something which some might say is even better, indeed priceless.

yes, despite the low quality of my blueberry picture fading the colour somewhat (not that they were bestowed upon me cleaned up), they are what you think they are if you are a regular reader and think they are somewhat familiar. i am, dear reader, now the proud custodian of my father's beloved red shoes.

i had been advised, possibly assured, that he had disposed of the things, presumably in some sort of ceremonial burning. as it turns out, no, they are still alive!

many thanks, Dad, for leaving them with me. yes, the sight of them gave me a good smile and brought back memories of images of them from over the last few years!

i suspect, on an infrequent but subtle basis, these shoes may well appear every now and then on this blog going forward. this is in particular as i have not quite mastered how to go backward, but also to give you something to try and spot every now and then.

more updates soon-ish, things are a touch busy these days!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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