Monday, July 16, 2012

Auntie Susan!

hey there

well, i didn't in the end get to sneak any more updates in last night, so let's see how i go on this evening!

it is with great misfortune that we missed out on seeing quite a few people that we wished to. if you are reading this and suspect yourself to be one of them, accept my apologies please. in other cases, we didn't get to see as much of some as we would have wished, and at the top of that list is Auntie Susan, who appears to be perpetually busy.

we did at least get to catch up with Susan once, though, whilst visiting Gran and Gramps. and James was delighted to see her, having grown exceptionally attached to her from her excursions south of the equator!

William, alas, was having something of a shy day when we saw Susan, and was for some reason more interested in chewing some sort of Power Rangers toy that he had borrowed from the Harlo House. this meant that he was not really all that interested in having a cuddle with his Auntie or for that matter a picture taken, but we tried our best, and the best of what i got is below!

by the way, notorious Harlo gang, it would seem thatWilliam has somehow managed to bring the mentioned and briefly pictured Power Rangers toy home with him. sorry about that, and if you are looking for it you might as well stop the search! it's rather chewed, but if you want it back let me know!

i have no doubt we shall return to England one day (James has quite a few holidays planned now that he has clocked this flying business is pretty smart), and with some luck we shall see more of Susan and some of everyone else we missed on such a return!

in the mean time, since we are at Gran and Gramps house, here are some pictures from another visit, with a certain family hobby being passed on to another generation of our family. for those of you who know me no doubt many wild and possibly illegal thoughts on what that hobby could be are flowing through your mind. fear not, for the hobby in question would be class word search puzzles!

James loves all things to do with words, be it reading, writing or puzzles involving them like word search grids. this last point pleases his Great Grandma a great deal indeed, for she has been doing them for, oh, the last 80 years or so!

these pictures sort of show the two doing one together, as far as James will allow at the least. he does have a stubborn streak and gets quite determined to do everything on his own. i am pretty sure that he gets this particular trait from his mother......

quite a few more pictures to update here, so i will leave this one at that!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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