Wednesday, July 25, 2012

new hat (sort of)

hi there

well, i've been a bit busy with all the photos from England as you may have noted. as a consequence, "more recent" pictures have not popped up on this blog as quickly as they might have! let me have a bash at getting this all up to date, then!

being back home, for the time being, means a visit to the joys of South Fork. whilst there a week or so ago William discovered that Grandad had, perhaps in retrospect unwisely, left one of his most smart and indeed dapper hats within easy reach.

the result of that is that this most smart and indeed dapper hat is now considered by William to be the property of William!

the most interest, or if you will amusing even, part of this is that William usually has no wish to wear a hat at all. we try, in the midst of winter, to get him to wear a beanie or similar to keep his head warm, but this just leads to quite a performance. sometimes we can sneak the hood of a jacket on when he is distracted, but that's about it!

i am not sure if this hat will keep his head all that warm, but he rather likes it so i guess that's all that matters. and, although of course i am biased, it has to be said that he does look rather smart in it!

more pictures to follow soon / "eventually"!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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