Sunday, July 15, 2012

the Mr Big of the lovebead toothpaste world

hi there

it is rather possible that this is my last post on the subject of love bead toothpaste, or at least for the near future. fear not, though, as i suspect it is a rather good post to bow out with!

you may recall that i became familiar, whether i wished to or not, with the bizarre, exotic world of love bead toothpaste when my Dad requested that i buy him "some" of the stuff whilst in England. as it seemed like a straightforward enough request, and suspecting that my Dad may well have some sort of chemical addiction to the stuff, we were only too happy to get him some. actually, we got him all that we could find, which meant wiping out the stock of lovebead toothpaste at the Tesco store near the sensational Harlo gang.

the tubes left behind on the shelf there are of the more conventional nature in the toothpaste world, as in they do not contain any love beads. it was tempting to take back a pack or two of those for him too just to see if he noticed the difference. it is likely that he would, however, and all that would have happened would be me hearing, in less than complimentary words, about one or two tubes being love bead free for the next 20 years or so.

when we returned from England, Dad was over the moon to see James and William, delighted to see Michele, paternally obliged to collect me and absolutely thrilled to get his hands on some more of this magical love bead toothpaste. he was it seems, in drug parlance, "down to his last few grams".

i would not normally use drug parlance to describe either my Dad or love bead toothpaste, but if he is going to dress like Shaun Ryder and then show his stash off as if it was a big bag of E's that Bez had just given him i really can't see how else best to describe it!

as i shall not be able to get my hands on any more of the stuff for him for quite some time i and the rest of the world can only hope that he goes steady with it, fighting as best he can the temptation to go on a wild binge with the stuff. it could well be the case that he should consider stepping on it, cutting it with some other kinds of toothpaste to make the stash last even longer.

glad you are happy with the love bead toothpaste, Dad! and here ends my discussion of the stuff on this blog for the time being. i suspect, however, that when his current stash runs out it will inexplicably be made my problem and no doubt, when that day dawns, i will share my problem with you all.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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