Thursday, March 01, 2012

(what may be a) Ferrari (that was) On Fire (i think)

hi there

well, this post may slightly disappoint some of you, or just fall apart in general, for a number of reasons. these reasons are, in no order of importance or preference, my lack of speed in getting pictures, the lack of ability of a blueberry camera, my inability to tell one sort of car apart from another and my inability to determine different types of car. if you accept all of these as factors and are comfortable with them, then please do read on.

it was a pretty lousy, hectic day at verk today, but during an isolated break i was able to have a gander at something which suggests someone was having a much worse day than me. i saw being towed something that, to my eyes, appeared to be a Ferrari that had been on fire at the front a good deal more than is standard for this particular type of car.

i did my best to take a picture or two, and they are not very good. here it is crossing the intersection, sat on the back of one of them flatbed truck things.

and here's another shot of it a bit over.

erm, yeah, i know that these pictures are rather close to useless, but if some expert can identify what it is exactly, there you go! i cannot help but wonder, if it is one of them Ferrari things, if it is in fact the same one which cut me off in traffic not so long ago in rather spectacular style.

if this post has been of the slightest interest to any of you, well, there you go, my efforts to get pictures were not an entire waste!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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