Thursday, March 01, 2012

rearranging daddy's discs

hi there

well, some more low grade blueberry pictures i fear, but they were of one of those moments that come along and say "here is a moment to capture".

William is getting as inquisitive as he is busy these days, in particular with these magical round things that make music and films come on TV. his interest extends to not only enjoying them, but to also helpfully relocating several of the discs that belong to his Daddy.

words and phrases like "William no touch", "please leave them alone" and "William don't do that" hold little resonance with him, frankly. he just potters around and does exactly what he wishes to do, irrespective of any parental wishes. no bad thing, i suppose.

that is James sat there too, if you did not know. he was far too busy with something on his PSP and indeed taking in the latest developments on Nuzzle & Scratch to worry all that much about what William might be up to.

well, you've had a decent run of late of me having proper pictures with a proper camera to put up here, it's about time i threw a few more blueberry ones into the mix!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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