Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises (in toys)

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it has been oddly quiet in regard of news on The Dark Knight Rises of late, which is odd as the release date is about 100 or so days away. the older members of the internet community will no doubt recall the "viral" campaign which flooded the net for The Dark Knight rather fondly. it seems, alas, that no one is doing that this time, or it is just a bit too clever and no one has found the links yet.

ho hum, at least something has cropped up, even if it is simply toys and collectible figures from the film.

here's some rather impressive statues of Bane, the Batman and Catwoman, or Selina Kyle as i believe she is called in the film.

they look nice, but on a practical level if you have young children in the house here's a look at the action figures they have released images of thus far.

some interesting points from these. John Blake is the police officer you can see, and rumours persist that he shall turn out to be none other than Robin. i am not sure why these rumours carry on - Christian Bale said that "you will know that Robin is in the film as i shall not be in it" and he strikes me as a man of his word. otherwise, the packaging for Batman suggests he comes with a "Bat Light" or "Bat Sign" thing. odd, as we last saw that being smashed up with an axe at the end of The Dark Knight.

the idea of an Alfred action figure is an interesting one, and i shall certainly be getting it. other than the coolness of having an action figure of Sir Michael Caine, and i intend to have him blow the doors off toy cars and teach poetry drunk, i am looking forward to seeing what James does with him. for some reason he will not elaborate upon, James goes ballistic when Alfred comes up onscreen in the Lego Batman game, just destroying him again and again until he manages to run away. i cannot wait to see what he does with the toy!

the sites officially selling the Batman toys and statue things have one interesting item listed. you can order it, but you cannot see it, for there is no picture and it is just listed as "Dark Knight Rises Mystery Figure". just who have Mr Nolan and the crew behind the film hidden away?

hope this has been of interest to some of you!

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