Monday, March 26, 2012

undermining instead of educating people.....

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the internet, as well as being a most excellent playground, should be a place to inform and educate where possible; certainly for those who seek such thing. it's unfortunate that some take the time and trouble to con people instead of educate them.

you may well have received the below image by a "viral" message (if that's what the kids call it these days). it claims to be an actual image of how Fox News in the USA reported the recent tragic events in France.

it comes with a headline along the lines of "World News According To Fox" and points out the many errors in the picture, along with the unhealthy dose of ignorance displayed. what it unfortunately does not point out that it is an elaborate fake.

here's the real image.

hats off to whoever created the fake one, as it is clearly someone with talent. what a shame they are using it in the wrong direction.

Fox News as i understand it has a somewhat right-wing leaning, something that is pretty much true of any media outlet owned by Rupert Murdoch, a man who will not hesitate to use his impressive range of media houses to push whichever agenda suits him or takes his fancy. if someone, as clearly is the case here, has an issue with that, then why not use real news items to illustrate the bias and try to show people how to actually read the news presented to them and not accept everything without question?

in the internet age fakes like this are easily exposed, and rather make the target of the attack look better and more sympathetic instead of turning people off them or at least question them. it also brings into question the poor taste of whoever created this "joke" from recent, tragic events.

pranks like this have existed long before the internet and shall go on until the end of time. i'd rather, as i said, people used the energy to expose actual folly in news and media outlets, but i suppose that just doesn't seem amusing enough to those who create such things. ho hum, such is the world.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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