Thursday, March 15, 2012

the return of name and shame, sadly

Hi there

earlier this year i did promise to expose, indeed name and shame, people that disrupted traffic out of sheer incompetence and an apparent lack of care for other users of the road. thus far it has been, surprisingly and happily, not something i have had to do much of. we do, alas, have one culprit today.

thank you for nothing, PCJ Haulage.

the clown, for as you will read there can be no other practical term for them, driving this truck was spluttering and stalling at the bottom of the incline. this little fact did not stop him attempting to go further up where, much to his surprise no doubt, the truck came to a standstill. as did the traffic behind.

not content with this stupidity, the driver then tried what can only be described as a "jiggle" to get it all working and, albeit briefly, blocked off both lanes as a consequence.

PCJ Haulage do not appear to have an internet web address thing - not really a surprise i suppose, if they cannot master basic driving then one must assume that such techonology as the internet exceeds their grasp. i am then hopeful that random google searches and similar will lead anyone wanting to know of them here and you can decide what sort of company they are.

try not to be this ignorant on the road, and do be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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