Tuesday, March 27, 2012

morning tea. sans tea.

hi there

last weekend, when not investing heavily in class Darth Maul lightsabres, we had a wonderful morning tea event to attend at William's creche. everything one could possibly have wanted was there, except Grandad. and Ouma. and tea, as it happens.

i didn't get to take as many pictures as i would have liked for i was assigned to look after William. this is in no way an easy thing to do, in particular when there is an array of jungle gyms for him to tackle.

it is not like William really needs a jungle gym for climbing either. do you recall that episode of Monty Pythin's Flying Circus in which one of them demonstrates how they will climb Mount Kilimanjaro by scaling the walls of an office? that's life with William, all day every day.

the children put on a lovely show for us, singing some of the songs they have done at school. a highlight was an ace one about a squirrel, the words and proper name of which escape me for the moment.

the more eagle eyed of you shall no doubt have spotted James there in the mix. well, he is an "old boy" of the creche and thus was invited to join in. he was delighted to do just that!

whereas there was no tea, there were certainly many excellent snacks and drinks to have, as well as some most tasty borewors rolls! Grandma was able to make it along with us, and certainly enjoyed it!

i trust that whatever you did or went to over the weekend was as much fun!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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