Friday, March 23, 2012

Nasher gigs this weekend

hi there

well, at somewhat short notice, living legend Nasher is doing not one, not three, but two (yes, 2) gigs online this Sunday. nice one!

as my review of his first online gig attracts more readers and comments than most other things i have done, i can only assume those of you wise enough to read this blog rather like the chap. i certainly hope you'll consider logging in, getting a ticket or two and enjoying the show.

the link for the first show is right here and the second one is right here. i shall be watching both, obviously.

for those who are unaware of what goes on at an online Nasher gig, well, in truth its best to find out for yourself. for the most part, to entice you, you get mostly songs from his outstanding solo albums, every now and then a Frankie number and, if he is of a mind to do so, the odd random cover version.

be warned, though, that there is usually a certain amount of language that one may consider foul, and indeed alcohol consumed. if you are grown up enough to read this site, however, you should be able to handle most of what Nasher can throw at you.

2012 is panning out to be a busy year for Nasher. on top of his online gigs, he's working on some new solo material, looking into how to release a long lost classic album from his band Low and, in perhaps the biggest news, will be publishing his autobiography. more on those when they happen, but in the mean time get involved and get online for at least one of these gigs!

see you there!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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