Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nasher 25 March - show two

hi again

well, show two has finished, and there is no third one, so hopefully this review will be a bit more insightful than the last!

yes, i know the last few posts here have been Nasher, but he's been busy this weekend. if for some reason you don't like reading about Nasher, well, i have a thousand or so posts here not about him, so tuck into those.

for the second show this evening Nasher turned his attention to tracks from his second album, Le Grand Fromage. well, we did have at least one track from it, Onjerry, during the first show, now that i have a touch more time to write.

sadly not airing for my favourite off that album, Top Of The Pops Again, but we did get a great version of Ruby Blue.

my connection, alas, was doing the stutter thing again. there was little consolation in the fact that fans around the world (Canada, the US, Ireland and the exotic ways of Morcambe were all represented) joined in with me in having a momentary freeze of the live feed. ho hum, perhaps soon this internet thing will be of a standard suitable for an artist like Nasher.

breaking connection or feed aside, it was good to hear, i think only for its second performance, another new song in the form of Don't Go Yet.

this song, and indeed all the others we have heard previews of, suggest that the next album will be a classic. this will take some doing - all three have been great thus far, but the most recent, A Lo Mimimo, is a masterpiece.

and since i mentioned the masterpiece, it's worth mentioning that we got one of the many great tracks from it in the set, Airplane.

there was the usual banter, of course, and indeed the usual display of a quick drink or two whilst Nasher played!

and how's this for a first encore - England In The Rain, Here Comes The Sun and Prince's overlooked masterpiece, The Cross.

for those unfamiliar with it, England In The Rain is the greatest unreleased Frankie related song there is. well, at least since Do Ya Think I'm Sexy sneaked out on one of them iTunes download releases. unreleased implies you can't really hear it with any great ease, sadly. those of you with some binary hunting talent should be able to find it on the net of inter, otherwise why not come along to one of Nasher's online gigs and hear it?

as time permitted, however, we got some extra encores - a version of The Power Of Love that those of us there feel is perhaps his best ever performance of, followed by Can't Let Go off A Lo Mimimo. a stunning way to round off two excellent shows!

this whole StageIt website thing, despite the glitches that seem to prevent a decent live feed, is fantastic. it is truly excellent to be able to see Nasher, one of the finest singer-songwriters out there, performing via this site. and really, he is that good. yeah, sure, i am a big Frankie fan, but that's not going to make me automatically like each and every thing associated with the band. it's just fortunate that Frankie consisted of five incredibly talented artists, and their solo stuff stands up just as well as what they did together. give Nasher's music a try if you have not done so already, find out for yourself!

a non-Nasher post shall probably follow soon!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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