Friday, March 02, 2012

Andrew at the controls......

hi there

well, a belated well done to Andrew for passing his drivers' test! i am led to believe that he did it in 5 (five) less attempts than me, which is jolly good going. he does seem to be rather enthusiastic about this driving business. that being the case, roll on his next trip here; i cannot stand it and look forward to him driving around my car.

here he is in "action", so to speak, with an equally eager and enthusiastic Christopher as co-pilot.

those of you with a finer eye for detail will notice that not only is Andrew not wearing special driving gloves (how did he pass, exactly?), but also that Colin is lurking in the back. no doubt he said that they would go along with them "to make sure they didn't get up to any mischief", but i shall wager that Colin has taught him how to do wheelspins, donuts, clutch pops and other assorted automobile tricks that catch the eyes of the ladies.

i have personally bestowed some tips on Andrew. well, i have advised him to make sure that he paints massive flames down the side as this makes the car go much, much faster. he has not responded to this at all, so i have not bothered advising him to install an absolutely massive spoiler too, one that is approximatley 50% of the size of the actual car in terms of shape and style.

it seems that Andrew is getting some of his own tips. here is an image of Christopher and Andrew watching Mad Max 2 at our Grandma's house (i think), a film that she no doubt regularly has on.

the above is all true, except that i do not think Grandma has a copy of Mad Max 2 and i am not sure she has even ever seen it. a rather fine film to get driving tips from it remains, all the same. well, it's probably a better film to get tips from than the other Australian classic which features driving in the desert, The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert. not that Andrew will be doing much desert driving, bar the odd trip to Whitley Bay beach.

i shall leave it there for now, but if Andrew does anything most excellent with a set of wheels and i get to hear of it, i shall surely be posting it here.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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