Monday, March 26, 2012

the Darth Maul lightsaber

hi there

it is a universally accepted truth that taking young children shopping with you can be a rather interesting thing to do. it gets all the more interesting if you happen to go past a toy shop on such a trip. chance would have it that these would combine for me and the boys this weekend.

OK, i confess, i did sort of plan to get this item anyway, but that did not prevent a tear forming in the eye when i saw the price.

as avid Star Wars fans, James and William have between them a formidable range of lightsabers. not real ones, thankfully. for some time now William has been trying to use a "regular" lightsaber (if there is such a thing) as the one that Darth Maul uses in The Phantom Menace. it was time, then, to get them an actual Darth Maul one. this delighted the boys a great deal indeed.

if that looks like it might be a bit too big for the boys to be playing with, that's because it probably is. rather heavy, the Maul saber is, and rather long. indeed, if you are guess as to whether or not it stands taller than James, let me remove the guessing for you and show you exactly how much taller!

it also stands a little bit taller than Michele, to be honest. i am not allowed to show you a picture as proof of this, though, as she was in a state of dress that would defame her character if i posted it here and, quite frankly, i do not need the legal bother and cease & desist letter from my good lady wife, thank you.

Michele did rather impress the boys by using it as an impromptu baton thingie, doing all sorts of twirls, throws and catches.

well, they were sort of impressed. i think they, William in particular, were happier actually playing at being Darth Maul with it!

William did find it a good deal easier to play this whilst on the trampoline with it, and i was fortunate enough to get a picture of him doing his Darth Maul face pose whilst holding it!

William eventually got a bit tired of holding it up, instead opting to put it down over the trampoline and do smart "Obi Wan" like jumps over it.

it would do my finances no end of good if this were the last Star Wars related item i was to purchase for a while. i suspect, however, the two of them shall find something as equally class for me to buy in the not too distant future!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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