Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nasher 25 March - show one

hi there

i doubt i am going to be able to get a quickfire review of Nasher's show in within the ten minutes before the second show starts, but here goes!

the first of two sets tonight was ace. he mostly relied on his superb debut album, Ripe, for the set list, starting with the ever popular King For A Day.

oddly, on his StageIt page Nasher's only got links for fans to buy his 2nd and 3rd album! go figure.

my connection seems pretty poor this evening, but i am seeing more of the gig than i am missing, so there you go.

we were, i believe, also rather lucky to hear one or two new tracks that Nasher's been working on for his 4th solo album.

the fact that my connection was wonky and thus the signal was "breaking up", or "buffering" as i believe the kids call it these days, meant that i could not quite hear them. argh, 3 minutes to the next show.....

anyway, what i could hear of the new ones sounded rather good. pretty reflective stuff, which is no surprise since he's just finished writing his memoirs or, if you will, autobiography. with some luck, the next album will be out around the time of the book later this year. nice one!

there was, of course, time for some ale and some banter too!

right, i am off to hopefully see and hear the next gig - will try for a review of that too.

anyone reading this is obviously interested in Nasher, and you should do your best to attend one of his online gigs - they are the business!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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