Thursday, March 08, 2012

Project Lifeblood : 2 - 6 April 2012

hi there

well, this is an appeal i started somewhat by accident on a whim, but i am going to go through with it. it may well be a spectacular failure, although it is hardly the most ambitious of plans. bear with me, all will make sense.

Lifeblood is the 7th studio album from the Manic Street Preachers. released in 2004, it features two singles that got to number two in the charts - The Love Of Richard Nixon and Empty Souls. the opening track, 1985, is considered by many (myself very much included) as being one of their greatest songs, and a big missed opportunity for a genuine smash hit single.

it came out to positive reviews and was overwhelmingly regarded from a critical perspective as a triumph and great success by the band.

the sales, alas, did not match the critical acclaim, and the album did not do at all well in regards of the chart, spending only two weeks inside the top 75.

it is the case that, sadly, pretty much only because it did not sell well that the band have more or less rejected the album, with Nicky Wire in particular being rather vocal in dismissing it.

Project Lifeblood intends to try and stop this nonsense. if we, 8 years after the release, can buy enough copies to get it inside the top 200 albums, then it may well blip on the radars of one or two people and hopefully the band may notice.

i don't suggest an attempt to make it number one or sell millions. the awful, awful Ringo 2012 managed to sell 700 copies in a week and got to about 180. if we can get that, then i would consider that a success.

if you wish to join in, either to own or re-own a great album or even just to do it to annoy Nicky Wire, then thank you. you would need to buy the album during the week of April 2 - 6 2012, and furthermore purchase it from a place that contributes sales figures to the charts.

if you live in the UK and want an mp3 copy of it then it can be purchased from amazon digital. sorry, i cannot access the iTunes site but buying it from there would count to the charts.

UPDATE link to purchase from iTunes. thanks Porco!

for those who prefer a CD of it, and indeed anyone outside of the UK who wants to join in this is the only option, the links to chart counting stores are : amazon, Townsend Records and HMV. none of the stores seem to be charging much over £5 for it (excluding international shipping, all offer free UK shipping).

i know the world has been inundated with "let's buy this record instead of a Simon Cowell one" ever since the success of Rage Against The Machine, but this honestly is not such a thing. i'm just trying to get some much needed recognition for a sadly ignored album.

if you join in, or at least share this link and the details with others, i thank you greatly and really hope you enjoy discovering or rediscovering this classic album.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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