Friday, March 23, 2012

Middelberg pictures that i don't think were taken in Middelberg

hi there

well, a long overdue update from the family that are north of me, but not as north as some of the family are! between verk, parts of cars blowing up and a requirement to visit numerous Government departments, i just have not had the chance to update as much as i could have, sorry! there's still a stack of New Zealand pictures i have not put here!

as the gang from Middelberg (or however you spell it, something i am sure Richard shall point out to me not long after reading this) have not featured for a while, better to start off with pictures of them!

speaking of Richard, enthusiasts of his ever changing styles shall no doubt be delighted to see this image of him!

this was, as i recall, all part of that annual "Shavathon" day, where people are encouraged to shave their heads or get their hair sprayed different colours to show support and raise funds for the Cancer Association of South Africa. Richard has peppered his hint of a beard, or "bepe" as i recall him calling it, with a touch of green, and gone for that bird dropping shade of white on his head. nice one man.

i don't think these pictures are from Middelberg as such; i am pretty sure that when Erika's family came to visit they all went off here, there and everywhere. whereas i cannot recall exactly where it is they went, i can confirm via the next picture that the family went with them!

as you can see, just about everyone got involved with the hairspray! except Erika's father, who is a wonderful gent and i think you spell his name Hein, who also had his head shaved!

as for how Erika and Ruby-Lee are doing, well, just fine it seems! here they are at play!

well, Lyla seems happy enough, Ruby-Lee looks like she may be a bit concerned as to what her big sister is getting up to! good to see them!

a very peculiar thing happens when Richard gets together with his father-in-law. well, according to Erika many peculiar things happen when the two of them get together but she refuses to send me pictures of the two of them going to buy bread in rather less clothes than you would imagine. one thing she did agree to send a picture of, though, was of the two of them obtaining some massive wooden spoons and going looking for objects or even people to smack with them.

Richard looks like he is trying to work out the logistics of eating with one of them, now that i look at the picture again. hmn, i suspect he would need a rather large bowl of cornflakes to make it viable!

many thanks indeed to Erika for sending these pictures, and an apology for the delay in putting them here!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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