Friday, July 29, 2011

second tooth down

hi everyone

crikey, there have been a few updates this month! not sure what has led to me trying to double my usual number of posts, but hope you've enjoyed most or some of them! it's unlikely that there will be so many in August, i warn you!

anyway, onwards, and the latest source of pride for young James. his second "baby tooth" has, after a week or so of wobbling, now fallen out. he is highly delighted that this one has gone, for it has been most troublesome for him and stopped him (he says) from eating properly.

the above picture does not really show off the "new gap" i suppose, but it does show off the unprecedented two stickers that he got for being super excellent in computer lessons at school that day! it does also hint at the ace haircut his Mummy gave him at the weekend!

this next picture shows off the new gap in spectacular fashion, though!

as for young William, well, his view is that there is "no such thing as too many teeth". he wishes to eat all and everything that he can lay his hands on!

sorry that these two pictures do not show off William's usual room warming smile, for some reason he was "off" the idea of having his picture taken when i did these, but then when i put the camera away he got a tad upset and disappointed!

well, that's how the boys are now! probably quite a few pictures of them to follow in mid-August onwards!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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