Sunday, July 10, 2011

like father like sons

hey everyone

well, since i seem to be up alone and am not all that tired (the other three have sniffles) i thought why not update a few more pictures from this week? some of them, according to Michele, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt who the father of James and William is. i find it interesting that she needs to keep finding points like this, i must remember to ask further questions about this.

anyway, here is William, in one of those most excellent New Zealand babygro jumpsuit things. yes, Gillian, i know you sent the proper name for them, but i cannot (be bothered) to find that email right this minute.

it is very peculiar how red-ish William's hair is looking in pictures. not sure if it is a trick of the light or a curious happening with the camera, to be honest. i mean, as he is walking around amongst us, his hair is solid white. white as in Ruter Hauer's hair in Blade Runner white. that's pretty white. perhaps it's that "polar bear" effect thing, and it just looks that shade against his head. which would make his hair colour transparent, or whatever the posh, hair related word for that is.

in the mean time, here is a heavily avant-garde, possibly poseur picture of James!

he is not, believe it, hiding away from the camera in this picture. instead, he is concentrating on the ace game Jurassic Park - Operation Genesis, the excellence of which you can work out for yourself by clicking on the name of it. but not the picture below.

in the game James has developed an inexplicable and somewhat odd abject dislike of the cleaning staff you are supposed to hire to keep the island of dinosaurs all nice, tidy and presentable for visitors, tourists and the like. for reasons best known to himself James kept firing them, and getting quite cross when he lost points because of the state of his park. we eventually persuaded him that firing him was causing him to lose on the game, so he agreed to stop doing it.

this, however, just led to him ramping up his campagin against cleaners a significant gear or two. whilst he stopped, in fairness, sacking the cleaning staff, he simply just started building the "cleaning stations" inside the T-Rex and Velociraptor enclosures. the result of this, when the cleaning staff ventured off to do their given tasks, was predictable but i have to admit rather enjoyable. credit where it is due, too - hiring cleaners is an awful lot cheaper and quicker than making other dinosaurs for them two to hunt, and more or less gets the same job done.

Michele says that this has "Lee written all over it", but i beg to differ. when i played the game i did not just pick on cleaners; i just got rid of all fencing and let nature take its course.

another picture of William now, and it is with the most excellent toy chainsaw i bought for James a while ago. i am still not, apparently, allowed to purchase a real one. this is a shame, as both boys (and their Daddy) are raring to go with one.

look at the pride and sense of wonder on William's face as he ponders "what happens if i press this button?". i found myself in a semi-similar position today when the handle for the window in my car, which in fairness has been a bit wonky for a little while (well, about 2 years) finally broke off. i used some initiative and purchased a set of pliers and an adjustable spanner. you can still get the window up and down with them, so there you go. some people (everyone who knows of the trouble with my car window) suggest that i should really get it fixed properly, but i take it as a given that they don't know what they are talking about.

if this "like father like son" business is true, oh dear. i guess i am not too far off wearing red shoes, driving about in a Jag and building lots and lots of things.

a bit of a whoops here is that i have just clocked that most of the content above features in a letter i have put in a parcel for my sister this very evening. Gillian, kindly either forget the majority of the above, or just take your imminent letter as a sort of signed copy of this, please.

right, it's either time for bed, or time for coffee and some more updates. you will know which one won by the date of the next post.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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