Thursday, July 07, 2011

over to you, Noel.......

so, after much speculation and a couple of denials from the man himself, Noel Gallagher is ready to return to the world of music. yesterday he announced not one, not three, but two albums are ready for release. the first, curiously titled High Flying Birds, is set for release on October 17. a lead single is expected before then, with speculation being that it will be called The Death Of You And Me. let the speculation mount that this is a reference to the relationship with one of his brothers. a tour is to follow around October too in support of the album.

a number of the tracks named for this debut solo album, in particular Stop The Clocks, appear to be songs known to have been written in the days of Oasis but never released. this isn't a negative thing - quite a few of us fans are keen to hear the songs, and besides a fair amount of the tracks on Liam's Beady Eye album were composed by the band whilst Oasis were still together.

as for Oasis, Noel has spoken of his regret that the band came to an end but makes it perfectly clear why it came to an end and perhaps indicates that there is no going back. interestingly, Noel has also stated that he will indeed be playing Oasis songs on tour, stating that they are "his songs" after all. Liam famously stated that Beady Eye would not do Oasis tunes as it "wouldn't be right without Noel on stage". it will be interesting to see (or rather hear) if Liam has a change of heart, then - Ian Brown made a similar declaration about Stone Roses songs, but the moment John Squire started doing Roses stuff live he changed his mind, saying that it "wasn't fair to the fans" to not do them.

perhaps as equally anticipated as the return of Noel Gallagher to music is how exactly Liam would respond. in fairness, he has been positive, if somewhat reserved, about his brother in post-Oasis interviews, with the odd jibe here and there. what appears to be his response to Noel's press conference, though, is the kind of eloquent, sophisticated and well thought out type of thing that we know and love Liam for, really.

more news as and when i get it on Noel's release. i would imagine you can expect news of a Beady Eye release or tour around the same time as Noel hits the road, to be honest!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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