Monday, July 11, 2011

the finest mop that Portugal has to offer

hey everyone

many thanks indeed to my dear friend Maria for providing me with the picture below.

Maria's mother recently went on a holiday to the fine, fine nation of Portugal. it is indeed a fine place to take a holiday - i recall one year we went there, and was able to see The Karate Kid Part II at a cinema there no less than twice, and indeed we had a waiter that was, in every possible sense, like a tall version of Manuel out of Fawlty Towers.

it seems that Maria's mother, whose name Maria has yet to share with me (well, we've only known each other, what, a dozen years or thereabouts, can't get too personal), brought back quite a range of items from Portugal. the one which caused Maria's eyebrow to raise the highest was undoubtedly a mop head. here is it, pictured with the new (presumably South African) handle.

this might go without saying, really, but Maria's mother could not work out a way to get the original mop handle into her suitcase(s). why exactly it is that she would feel a need to bring any part of a mop from Europe to Africa is beyond me, but it is incidents like this one that allows me to say "see, it is not just my Dad who does things like this".

a little bit of research suggests that Portugal has a vibrant and booming mop manufacturing industry, really. they must be pretty good and in demand for there to be so many people producing and supplying them over there. it's not something i have ever considered importing or bringing back from holiday with me, to be honest, but if the opportunity arises for me to visit the Algarve again in the near future it is certainly a purchase that i will give consideration to. it does look rather smart, after all!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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