Thursday, July 07, 2011

shovelling s*!* with Grandad

hey everyone

well, i do my best to get the boys over to see Grandma and Grandad as frequently as possible at least weekly if i can. yes, i appreciate there are risks in over exposure to Grandad (learning new and interesting words, developing an interest in building things on any open area of land), but the boys do love him, and of course love Grandma to bits.

i was a bit concerned that i wouldn't have been able to take the boys over last weekend as Grandad had been taken ill with a touch of cold and flu. it was a bit silly of me to have such concerns, of course - this being my Dad, supposed to be staying in bed and feeling better translated into "build an excellent vegetable patch and shovel a few metric tonnes of manure into it".

James, of course, was enlisted to help Grandad with this most noble task.

Grandad normally waits until his grandchildren are of a suitable age before he puts them to work in the garden. this "suitable age" is something which he sees as being 2 years old, but at least they are not presented with a shovel the moment they can crawl, i suppose. in William's case, though, he appears to have made an exception, and has allowed him to do work in the garden in advance of his 2nd birthday.

very kind of you, Grandad! in fairness, though, it's difficult to stop William doing anything which comes to his mind as a good idea, and he likes nothing more than following his beloved big brother around to try and do whatever it is he is doing.

it wasn't too long, though, before he got quite bored with the idea of this shovelling business - in particular when Grandad used the most straightforward terminology possible to describe exactly what it is they were busy shovelling. William thus decided that the best thing to do was to go and "hang by the Jag" with his Daddy, leaving James and Grandad to get on with it!

who knows, if William and myself get ourselves sorted with some classy red shoes one day we might be actually allowed inside the Jag.

it wasn't, in fairness, all that long after William got rather tired of this shovelling business that James decided to give it a bit of a rest, too. it is sometimes easier just to stand back, keep out of Grandad's way and let him get on with it!

William eventually got a bit tired of just standing and watching Grandad and James potter around too. off he went, then, to have a nice sit down with some juice and watch a television show or two!

now, i would love to tell you that Grandad's ambitious projects for South Fork are all just about finished. i would, however, have also thought that there was no more space at the ranch to build anything at least two projects ago. expect more pictures of Grandad putting the boys to work in the not too distant future, then!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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