Sunday, July 17, 2011

one Sunday Afternoon

hello again

well, James' grand plan of a pajama day did not last the entire course of the day, really. when William woke up after his usual morning nap, James went upstairs with Mummy to go and fetch him. they appeared to be gone for a fair bit, so i called up to ask if all was ok. "yes" was Mummy's response, "we're just getting dressed.".

this left me with a degree of confusion it had to be said. when James came down, quite smartly dressed may i add, i asked why exactly he had given up on his idea of a "pajama day". the answer i got was - get this - that he was "not feeling comfortable in his gown.". oh.

i wasn't really keen to let James spend the whole rest of the day indulging in his ruthless quest to eliminate all cleaners off his Jurassic Park game (see previous posts), so suggested, since he was dressed, that we have a go at riding his bike once again. his response was a very enthusiastic yes, so off we went!

James has got considerably better at riding, it has to be said. he has finally clocked that if he keeps pedalling he will keep going, which is more or less the battle won. he's almost got his balance too, but i think we shall leave the classy stabilizers on for a little while yet.

of course, as good as he is getting at it, i went along with him, doing a light sort of jog thing to keep near him, which turned into an, if i may say so myself, impressive sprint when his steering efforts led to the general direction of a parked car or two.

it was in running after him that i remembered that i could probably have done with a nice afternoon nap, really, and considered that i may have been unwise with my suggestion. however, that can't be the case really, not with how good he is getting at it, and more importantly how much fun he was having.

well, he was having fun until traffic turned up. that traffic was, of course, in the form of William and the excellent "Dino car" that Ouma Monica got James a few Christmases ago!

William was briefly entertained just watching James and i fly past the door, but eventually wanted to have a go at this out and about on wheels business too. he does have a case of the sniffles at the moment, but to be honest we had such a lovely warm afternoon here we couldn't see how it would be anything but good for young
Fletch to have a ride around too.

it could well turn out that these two are being somewhat prudent in taking to non-combustion engine forms of transport this weekend, to be honest. at the moment we have something of a little bit of a petrol workers' strike at present, which is apparently going to leave the country without petrol quite soon. oh dear. well, sort of oh dear, of course. i mean, it will suck a bit if none of us can get to verk i suppose, but there's also a plus too. if this carries on for a few weeks the whole place might go all Mad Max 2, which would be excellent. sort of.

in the mean time, then, i shall endeavour to update as and when i can until the juice all runs out i suppose. exactly how much petrol can the internet use?

and no, i never got my nice lie down. i should be in bed now, really, but my blueberry thingie needs charging. which hopefully isn't far off being something that is done rather than needing doing. so i'd best check that i managed to plug it in properly.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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