Monday, July 18, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises (in a teaser trailer)

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well, as hinted at in an earlier post, the teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has indeed hit the internet as of today! sadly, in a most unusually fan-unfriendly way for Warner (seriously, they are way better usually than anti-consumer Sony) the trailer isn't available for download, just a "watch online" thing. never mind, i have at the least been able to grab some screenshots from it.

although i am not going to say anything beyond what's in the trailer, you should of course still consider the below to be filled with *** POSSIBLE SPOILERS ***.

right, the trailer starts with some footage from the first two films, and has some rather unfortunate, cliche-riddled text popping up ("every journey has an end" and other such rubbish). when we do get some new footage, it's dramatic to say the least, for it is Gordon (Gary Oldman) clearly in a damaged way in a hospital bed.

he is having a conversation with someone about how the Batman must return to prevent evil rising. what's interesting here is that the conversation seems to be with Bruce Wayne! at least that's who it sounds like. does Gordon know the identity of The Dark Knight? is he just hoping that Wayne's resources will be able to track down the fallen hero? we shall find out next year i suppose.

and the evil that's rising? well, in some flash footage, that would appear to be the character of Bane.

i am not as familiar with the comic book / 'graphic novel' tales of Batman, but i believe Bane is some sort of police officer / security muscle that has been expanded, rather Hulk like, via chemicals into an awesome physical destruction machine. he was utter rubbish in Batman & Robin from the late 90s, but then everything in that was utter rubbish wasn't it? fingers crossed he is not quite as comically rubbish in this!

the trailer then rounds off with some quick flash footage of The Dark Knight himself in full armour.

and this suggests they have filmed a good deal more of the movie than anyone had thought up to now, as this seems to be The Dark Knight heading into battle with Bane.

at least it looks like Bane. could be someone else i suppose, depends on how many muscle bound psychopaths Christoper Nolan has chosen to populate the film with, really.

well, hope that is of interest to some of you! the full teaser trailer can be found from following the links on the official site. there are numerous copies available for download across the net, but be warned for they are ones people have filmed inside cinemas. which means, at best, they rather look like this :

rather just watch the stream / embedded version, then, until Warner have the sense to make it available to fans to watch on the go!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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