Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chris looking dapper

hello everyone

well, no, not you Chris, ex-boss and good friend if you are reading this thinking it is you (you always look dapper anyway). this would be about the other, other Chris, my dear cousin and brother of cricketing legend Andrew (not Flintoff) (yet).

Chris recently went off to something called a "Sports Review Dinner". you now know as much of it as i do, really, he's not exactly forthcoming with information and details about it. never mind. depite what happened the last time i was sent a pic of Chris (and i still think that's one of the best bits of editing i have ever done), Chris was kind enough to send on a pic of him looking smart (dapper indeed) in the threads he was wearing for this event. whatever the hell it actually is.

nice one man! i must say, despite having a confessed lack of fashion sense, that i am delighted to see "the kids" of today seemingly embracing the style and cut of threads that we wore in the 80s. a very excellent revivial. i am unconvinced that we ever wore such styles in pink, mind, but i suppose it is all in with moving with the times!

Chris, feel free to let us know what exactly the dinner and that was all about mate! i trust that it was excellent, whatever it was.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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