Sunday, July 10, 2011

Andrew, you shall go to the ball......

hi everyone

well, a little while ago (sorry for the delay) my dear cousin Chris took time off from prancing around in his Northern *ock shirts to send me some pictures of his elder brother, my equally dear cousin Andrew, as he headed off to his end of school prom thingie. my my, time flies and all that!

i must say, back in the 80s, we looked towards all those American films and their proms with a sense of longing. no way did we ever have anything like that, our beloved headmaster Sir John Rowling would not have entertained the idea even if anyone had been so brave as to suggest it.

we didn't do too badly, anyway. our impromptu "end of O Levels" type thing involved alcohol and your humble narrator being accosted by a (lady, if you don't mind) stripper dressed as a member of the constabulary (some sort of payback for the time i ordered Mike Llewellyn's Dad a box set of splendid Herbert Von Karajan records, as i recall). our impromptu "end of A Levels" celebrations involved a good many things i should not mention here, but they also contained Guns N Roses, considerable volumes of alcohol and Alex Brown crashing through a French door thing. the impressive part of the latter is that he did it from the roof.

anyway, here are some of the pictures Christopher sent. i think Chris might have visions of me suggesting that either Andrew or his unspecified chum are possibly the prom queen....

...but i would not do that to fellow Boro fans, in particular when it looks like either of them could give me quite a good slap. sensational 80s style outfit lads, nice one!

all seem rather proud of Andrew's finishing school. i dare say we all are, really, but then again he is a bright lad (you can tell by the team he supports) and i dare say he will go on to do absolutely excellent things from here on out.

coming along to see him off to the prom thing are Gran, Pat, Mike and of course Uncle Trevor, lurking around the back.

speaking of Trevor, here is an ace picture of Andrew and Christopher that he sent on, with Chris opting not, thankfully, to wear one of those horrid Northern *ock garments. he is, however, wearing a shirt that might cause one or two questions to be asked if he was wearing it down here....

i suspect he is drawing attention to the statement on the shirt as a little comment to me about my comments in regards of his other shirts. on the shirt it says that the rather large phrase translates as "buzz off". erm, yes, OK - the off part is certainly correct, not so much the first bit!

many thanks for the pics!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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