Friday, July 22, 2011

almost everything you could wish to know of Noel's debut single..

..except where you can actually buy or "pre-order" it.

as was reported a little while ago, Noel Gallagher's first solo release shall be the single The Death Of You And Me, featuring a track called The Good Rebel on the b-side. it's due for release on 21 August (2011), and will be available as a 7" and CD single. there shall also be a "digital download" bundle that will include the video. rather annoying, Noel, that you couldn't get the video on the acres of space left on the CD single, but there you go, we shall have to assume that you have no issue whatsoever with fans located in the world who cannot buy "digital downloads" just obtaining it by other means.

there's a trailer, believe it or not, for the video of the song on Noel's site, and the full video shall be given an airing there on July 25. here's a link to the official site if you wish to go and check out either or both. if you don't want to check out either, i guess you should not click on it then!

as per the opening of this, thus far there is no word on where one may go and purchase or place an order for this record. ho hum, i am sure he shall get around to advising us, "the fans", where we can throw coins at him sooner rather than later.

meanwhile, despite the obviously loaded title of the single, Noel has gone to great lengths to state that the song is not about him and Liam. hmn, we shall see or decide when we hear it, really - part of the fun of listening to the Beady Eye album is in trying to work out which, if any, bits are in reference to Noel.

righty-ho, that's all i know of it all right now! more news as and when i get it!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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