Friday, July 15, 2011

jazzed up James and wonderful William

hi everyone

well, no new pictures of the boys in this post, but some distinctly "jazzed" and changed pictures for your viewing interests. new light through old windows, you may say, and well done if you work out the Middlesbrough related reference there!

our good friend Anthea asked if she may possibly have some pictures of the boys to do all sorts of "artistic transformations" to. i said yes, and within a month or so actually managed to get around to making her a disc with some on. here's a sneak preview of the most ace work she has done on them!

first off, here's William, looking increasingly noble with this transformed picture!

splendid! and here is one of Michele's all time favourite pictures of all time, if you will indulge the reference to Smashie and Nicey there! here are the boys heading down the super slide in our garden!

and finally, for now at the least, here's one of James on a visit to the zoo!

wow, these are really impressive! thank you, Anthea!

as for what we are going to do with the jazzed up images, not sure really. i believe that Michele has mumbled in passing something about us "having them printed and put up on the walls". i know i won't be allowed to have anything to do with nailing them up, so we shall see!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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