Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beady Eye single you can buy horror shock!

hi everyone

wow, what a day! Liam & Co seem to have finally clocked, for the fourth "official" single from their splendid debut album Different Gear Still Speeding album (Four Letter Word was a promo only release), that not deleting the single on the first day of release might allow fans (like your humble narrator) to be able to go and buy it! well, when i say go out and buy it, i do mean "order off the internet" of course.

The Beat Goes On, one of a number of highlights from the album, was released as a 7" single on Monday 18 July and, a day later you can still buy the thing. you can but it wherever you are in the world and have it delivered thanks to those ace chaps over at Record Store.

on the b-side is an interestingly titled new track going by the name of In The Bubble With A Bullet.

whereas it is to be applauded that they are making the single available for more than a couple of hours to buy, i am not sure if that automatically means it is going to do better in the charts than the previous singles. a 4th single from an album is always a bit of a hard sell, and the benefits of a new song on it are knocked a bit by it being vinyl only - far too many foolish people have gotten rid of their record players.

there's also the small matter that the charts seem to be sadly dominated by utter rubbish that wasn't here last week and is unlikely to be around much more than next week. the disposable, rather depressing state of music was highlighted in a recent interview with one of the great favourites of my chum Spiros, Sir Elton of John, recently. the music industry seems rather keen to eliminate the chance of any possible great acts ever developing to legendary status in favour of flogging cheaply produced, instantly forgettable "download" rubbish.

anyway, if you are a lover of proper music, created by those who love music rather than just have access to some sampling software, please consider clicking on the links provided here any buying this top tune. if you must, i suppose with little effort you could find it availble to buy as one of those "download" things too.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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