Thursday, July 21, 2011

an entertaining if brief diversion

hi everyone

well, as the first Test has just started today between easily the best two teams in the world at the moment (sorry Australia), what better time to comment on a fine cricket related book i picked up?

having read a few extracts online, i made a compulsive if not compulsory purchase of the book CrickiLeaks. it puports, but denies, being the leaked diaries of several key Ashes combatants over the years, interestingly from both sides of this most celebrated contest.

it is, for any lover of the Ashes series or cricket in general, very very funny indeed. sadly, though, it is also far, far, far too short, it clocking in at 128 pages, roughly a third of which are (admittedly wondeful) illustrations. i suppose that it is in keeping with the nature of that which it also parodies, the infamous "WikiLeaks" site, that they don't linger too much on any one player. this is a bit of a shame as many of the diary entries(the Gooch and Gower one in particular, as well as dear Mr Ponting's effort) make you wish for a full volume of their accounts of particular series. who knows, perhaps if this one sells well enough they may be persuaded to produce more.

i have lent my copy to my Dad at the moment, not sure if i shall get it back. if i do i shall be flicking through it frequently; if not then i shall jolly well purchase another copy and read away again!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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