Saturday, July 02, 2011

good morning, July

hi everyone

well, it's perfect weather for a lie in today, to be honest. it's a rather briskly cold morning, the first Saturday of July. James and William, however, are having none of this "nice lie in" business at this stage of their lives!

i briefly managed to persuade them that it was a class idea by simply putting one of their TV shows on in our room and let them watch it in bed. this did not, alas, work for as long as it could, and soon they wanted to be downstairs watching stuff on the "big" TV!

the boys sat on the couch together was a rather good opportunity to get some pictures taken, so here we go!

i was thrilled when they just about posed of the above picture! it's always nice to get the two of them together and more or less looking in the same direction!

this thrill was of the short lived variety, however, as soon it was back to watching whatever was on - Mickey Mouse's Club Funhouse or whatever it is called, i think!

it is wonderful how William is trying to mimic just about everything James does at the moment. just look at how the two of them are sat with their hands in the next one!

right, well that's some insight into my early start to the day! a long one ahead, i think, as there's the small matter of a World Heavyweight Title bout on later tonight! perhaps i will get the chance of an afternoon snooze, but i somehow doubt it!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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