Sunday, July 17, 2011

got stats if you want them....

hi everyone

a frequent question i get about this blog is why don't i have a counter or something like that which shows how many visitors i get and where from. well, to be honest, i can't really be bothered. i mean it's not that i do not care, it's just that i write things on here for my own amusement and for the interest of friends and family. if anyone else around the whole wide interwebnet stops off and has a look then that is very flattering indeed and i thank you very much for taking the time to have a gander.

that statement is not likely to be enough for one or two of you, so here are some fabulous facts and figures from the last two years (two years being all that the site seems to store?). here we go then, excluding my viewing, with a break down of how many people have come to read my stuff and from where most of them have come from :

hope that comes out kind of clear - whereas i seem most popular with our friends in the US and UK, thank you all for coming by.

and if that hasn't ended your hunger for facts, here are the most popular posts from the last two years :

blimey! i am glad that the Mad Max 2 post has been so popular, it is a quality film! nice that Mani and The Stone Roses are attracting attention too!!!!

hopefully i can keep you all entertained for a good deal longer! thanks again for stopping by, and i trust the more curious of you are satisfied with the info!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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