Monday, August 01, 2011

Bane. Blimey

hey everyone

well, when it was announced that Bane would be the antagonist in the forthcoming The Dark Knight Rises there were one or two eyebrows raised. after all, memories of Bane in Batman films are not as happy as they could be. this would be because of the not even bad enough to be accidentally comical, horrid and wasetful appearance of the character in what must be the worst Batman film ever made, Batman & Robin.

here's a reminder of what they came up with for the character then :

sorry for any awful memories of that horrid film that may have come back from looking at the above.

it is the case, however, that some "in Nolan we trust" is required. after all, there was no way at all that Heath Ledger would be able to pull of the part of The Joker when we heard about that casting - the large box office figures and Oscar which followed showed that this director should be given as much space as he likes to make whatever he wishes!

the casting of Tom Hardy, who i only know as Mr Sausage & Beans, ie Handsome Bob in RocknRolla, was met with general praise across the internet. from the brief snippets of the trailer it seemed like a good idea, and now thanks to some sneaked out pictures it looks like an excellent idea!

yeah, i should perhaps have put ***SPOILER*** warnings on this post, but then again if you do not wish to know news of The Dark Knight Rises then you probably have not clicked on this post! the picture after the one below, though, could well be a spoiler image.

no, not that one above, this next one. this picture looks excellent..

.....but, and i am no expert, it looks all too perfect to be a genuine shot. i mean, that picture is a little bit too high in quality to be a standard "spy" shot, and there is absolutely no way Christopher Nolan would release an image like this around about a year before the film is released. plus, there are some tell-tale signs of Mr Photoshop - i doubt that Bane will turn out to be shorter than the Bat.

i trust that these pictures have been of some interest to you!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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