Monday, August 18, 2008

talented Katie / NZ wildlife

hey everyone

well, it would appear that Katie is becoming as industrious as her mother (and her father, i suppose) as she takes on a number of jobs. this she would be undertaking before reaching the age of three, which suggests that she is actively seeking a career and serves to underline the apparent chronic lack of professionals in New Zealand at the moment.

first off, here is Katie seemingly ready to drive a tractor around, towing a whole bunch of people around the sheep park. well, i am guessing it is at the sheep park, but more of that in a later pic (patience, Grant, the digs are coming)

i have little or no doubt that she eventually clocked the correct way to sit and operate the mechanical wonder that is the tractor.

not content with doing this, it would seem for all the world to see that she is also prepared to have a whirl at all things medical.

nice one Katie. i am not of a disposition to comment on medical procedures, but i have every confidence that you will have diagnosed what was wrong with Daniel's haircut with your rather class stethoscope with relative ease!

back at the sheep park, it seems that Katie was also rather eager to be some sort of shepherd or zookeeper to the rather interesting variety of wild sheep being looked after there. here she is, diligently ensuring that her father is not trying to get over the fence to pet or otherwise stroke the various species of sheep in the park.

now, as i have no evidence to the contrary (well, none that i choose to pay attention to), i can only conclude that Grant took the family off to see the incredible, if at times astonishing, varieties of sheep that one can see on the fair shores of New Zealand. there is no particular reason that i can think of that Grant would want to see anything but sheep on a day out, so here's two fine examples.

this one i suspect may have a latin-ish name of Maorilionos lamblia. i must say, for a sheep this specimen has quite a mane! in fact, if you did not know that this picture was from New Zealand, you would be forgiven for assuming that it was a picture of a lion!

on the off chance that this kind of sheep has lion-esque tendencies as well as appearances, i certainly wouldn't fancy trying to shear it. or whatever it is Grant does with them.

and finally, here's Grant and the children proudly smiling in front of what i can only assume must be called MassivosSheepos dos Elephante, and must surely be the biggest land-dwelling sheep in New Zealand.

quite frankly, i can't see one getting all that much wool off the above kind of sheep, but the lamb ribs and chops must be absolutely massive.

thank you once again to Gillian, Daniel, Katie and in particular the adventurous, livestock loving Grant for sending these pictures along!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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