Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Prison Break returns.....

well, after a short and curious 3rd series, Prison Break returns as of 1 September, at least on American TV sets, with it being all over the interwebnet as of September 2, probably.

i have enjoyed all three to date, although the second half of the 2nd series and large chunks of the 3rd series have, in fairness, given ample evidence to prove the law of diminishing returns. all too often the brilliant premise of the initial series gave way to absurd or ridiculous twists, turns and developments. whereas one would hope that they do not set out to make it absurd or ridiculous, there has to be some concerns already about the new series.

if one reads this interview, you will see that a fairly important character somehow comes back from the dead! i would label this with standard *** SPOILER WARNING *** stuff, but as this character seems to feature in all the promo pictures, i guess neither i nor the interview are giving all that much away, at least nothing that they don't already want you to know.

i am also looking forward to seeing how they skimp on the budget this time, too. lest we forget that, for most of series 3, the character of Michael Schofield, ostensibly the protagonist of the piece, spent a rather large amount of time in long sleeved shirts under the blazing Central American sun, presumably to avoid having to have the elaborate tattoos done over his body!

and then there's everyone's favourite, T-Bag. he has, you may recall, one hand too few via an incident with an axe. i wonder if they will be just filming him from discreet angles instead of going to the trouble of make up and special effects to remove the hand?

anyway, i shall be watching the series as soon as i get the chance (ahem). unless they come up with something spectacular, or are determined to make it in to some sort of soap opera, i think one would have to assume this will be the final outing for the gang!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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