Thursday, August 07, 2008

further sights of the North East

hello again

well, it wasn't all cod and Whitby for my Dad in visiting the North East, he had some verk to do too. it wasn't work that prevented him from taking our cousins, Christopher and Andrew, along with him, mind! off they went to go and visit some of the places of interest (to the three of them at least). would that be museums and places of historical interest? not likely and not really!

now, the only reason people usually visit here is to collect three points, but it looks like they all enjoyed having a gander at the place anyway!!

there's a good reason why the boys have their jackets zipped up, but you will see that in a later picture! do by all means give a call to the number listed on the picture below - if you are lucky, the manager is in town and i would imagine he is well worth meeting!

and then it was on to that other lot, the ones that Richard for some reason decides to follow. careful Dad, i know it's but a cut out of him, but even just touching that might lead to him falling over and being injured again, so sensitive is he. hee hee hee!!!!

right, now you are talking!! of their tour, this is easily the most beautiful place they will have seen!

i guess now you can see why the jackets were zipped up in the other places they visited!

looking at the classic Middlesbrough grey summer skylines i think Dad was rather brave wearing shorts on this trip around, but there you go!!

much like Saltburn and Whitby, the above looks like it was all a grand day out!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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