Thursday, August 07, 2008

the birthday visitor

hello again

one of the best parts of Dad's trip was that he was able to call in at Great Ayton, the village shall forever be home for us, and see Gran for her 80th birthday. quite a bonus for the trip!!

here's Gran and Gramps outside their home. note the rather impressive flower display - i know the gardener that tends to them, and believe me, he is one of the best in the business. yes, Gramps, if you by some chance are reading this, that would be a reference to you!!

well, what to have for a birthday lunch? not much debate with our old corner of the world really - food does not come finer than cod and chips!

and if Michele was not made jealous by the sight of cod and chips for lunch (something we sadly cannot get here, it's all hake and various exotic types), images of Whitby have probably got her thinking that it could soon be time for a visit over there!

and why not? Whitby is a magnificent place, despite the summer weather being suggested at in the clothes being worn! hey, we went in December once and had a fantastic time!

on that note, one of the things you do in Whitby is walk the 99 steps up to the old Abbey. that in itself is terrific, but Dad's taken a picture of the place at the foot of the steps, an equally terrific place to visit.....

by, you can get one of the finest pints you have ever had in the place pictured above!!!

belated happy birthday, Gran!! it looks like a day that was both busy and brilliant!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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