Monday, August 18, 2008

the cement factory

hey there

well, i imagine this update is of a somewhat selective appeal, but as the selection there would feature my dear friend Mr Michael Llewellyn, it is included all the same, thank you.

our trip to the birthday party on Saturday took us past the PPC cement factory. on one occasion of a verk trip here, Mike was staying in a place which required us to travel past this production plant. both Michele and I felt it our duty, if not obligation, to get some pictures so he can be assured that it is still there, as majestic as ever.

i am not sure why Mike took quite a shine to the cement factory, but he did make one or two kinds words about it, and indeed thanked me for pointing out this rather interesting landmark. one could perhaps suspect that the slightest fragrance of sarcasm may have been scented within his sentiments, but this is rather unlikely. i mean, Mike spoke just as kindly of the Jason Donovan CD i had in the car for him as he did the cement factory. there's no way he could have been sarcastic about our Jason, whose music was the muse which wove such a part of the fabric of our youth, is there?

in regards of how this particular cement factory (or cement plant, if you will) stands in comparison to others around the world, you would have to ask Mike, really. i mean, they must have some sort of concrete creation scheme in Australia, unless every single building is wood and Middlesbrough steel. he also visits China and neighbouring countries from time to time, where he might see the odd venture into concrete manufacture going on around him. although i do encourage him to go and have a gander around the KFC's on the off chance he sees The King in one of them whilst he is in that part of the world.

i quite like how the above pictures have come out, really. not bad, considering that they were taken from inside Michele's car whilst trying to entertain James as we headed home. who said that digital cameras were killing the art of photography?

anyway, Mike, i hope you have enjoyed this current look at the cement factory/plant, and please feel free to set any one of the above images as your new desktop wallpaper or something. if any casual visitors to this interwebnetthingie site page have enjoyed these images, well, my work is thus done.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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