Sunday, February 12, 2012

what New Zealand is waiting for

hi there

well, if you are using that google thing and have found this, let me say up front that there has been no announcement of The Stone Roses playing in New Zealand and i have no knowledge or information about any plans they have to go there. it is likely that they shall wish to visit there and of course Australia, but no confirmed plans yet.

what i do know, however, is that the people of New Zealand are quite keen on the idea, going on the pictures i have seen. take, for instance, this image of Gillian and Daniel.

you can clearly see that the two of them are imagining they are sat in Heaton Park, waiting for one of the all time greatest bands (of all time) to come on the stage and weave their magic. for what other reason is it that Gillian would wear a classic Reni hat, after all?

Stone Roses related activities are not limited to just imagining they are at a gig, either. here's Grant having a bit of a familiar looking stroll.

did you spot it? yes, that's right, Grant is clearly trying to evoke images of the celebrated video for Fools Gold in the above. not content with that, he and Gillian had a bash at creating the epic walk on the mountain sequence from the same video!

it is good to see Katie getting in on the act too, going on the below picture.

she must unmistakably be singing along to I Am The Resurrection or perhaps even Made Of Stone in that picture, and doing a pretty good Ian Brown impersonation too. this is all the more impressive since Gillian has previously refused to let her children or anyone she knows listen to The Stone Roses.

and, for good measure, here's Daniel once more, wearing a Reni hat with pride and clearly waiting for the groove of the vibes to kick in.

nice one, good to see that if The Stone Roses go to New Zealand, the people are ready!

now, since images from New Zealand tend to be scarce, you may be wondering who it is that sent these ones on. well, here is a clue.

and if you want further clarification on that clue, i have taken the above picture and drawn your attention to a big hint.

the last time i saw those red shoes, right, they were sat outside South Fork, looking like various animals had taken turns on mauling or quite possibly molesting them. further, they looked like someone had taken a tube of glue to them in the optimistic hope that it might have fixed them up. i am not sure if they are the same ones or if for some reason he has bought more, but there you go!

a great many more pictures to follow!!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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