Friday, August 15, 2008

Swimming at Sun City

hey there

well, we did manage to find some open pools at Sun City in the end! the magnificent Valley of the Waves was open, albeit with some rather cold water temperatures!!

James sort of went into the water, but then very much left it to announce just how cold it was. 12 degrees centigrade i believe was the estimate on one of the boards up in the area. one of the few boards up in Sun City not mentioning maintenance or apologies, may i add. again.

you will notice the class (and expensive) Batman bucket and spade set James has in his hands! it is rather smart, and James had lots of fun making sand castles with Mummy!

going back to how cold the water was, i am reminded of a passage in Mr Marlon Brando's excellent memoir, Songs My Mother Taught Me. he makes a reference to something shriveling to the size of a peanut on one particular film set; if i am not mistaken it would be the infamous Last Tango. well, i know what he meant, and believe me, in neither his case nor mine was it with reference to the stomach....

outside of the water, James rather loved running about the Adventure Island, for that is its name. it is a most splendid and, i believe, new area for the kids not quite big enough to play in the "big water" to go into.

well, when i say James enjoyed running around Adventure Island, he was rather more enamored with the idea of Daddy carrying him up and down all the steps and slides it had on it.

if i recall correctly, the little lady above was called Athena. she and James became good friends, until Athena had wild ideas of going up and down steps without being carried and things like that.

above and below are pictures of James and i at the top of the two main things to climb on Adventure Island - the mountain on the island (above) and the castle next to it, featuring a rather nifty slide (below).

both had rather steep and narrow steps for Daddy to try and navigate, but we got there in the end!!

the water areas of Adventure Island are not all that big, and i can't see it being that much effort for them to arrange for them to be heated or warmed a bit, in particular with their great expressed interest in masses of maintenance work. hopefully it is warmer the next time we go!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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