Saturday, August 02, 2008

the class vending machine at the bathroom near the cinema in Montecasino

we went to go and see The Dark Knight at the rather impressive Montecasino place here in Johannesburg. now, as the main suggests, it's pretty much geared towards being a casino, but it is also a rather smart entertainment centre. the cinema we went to was certainly class, and full worthy of the name "Il Grande".

i was intrigued, however, by a vending machine outside of the bathrooms near the cinema, and i felt the need to discuss it here.

the vending machine offered a rather interesting range of products - if i recall correctly, contraceptives, stomach antacids (well, what kind of antacids would you want?), headache tablets and sanitary products.

the interesting part is that you put your money in first (a mere R2), and then select your product. there is a warning at the top of the machine, which reads if after you have pressed the button a Sold Out sign appears, please select another product. now this has me somewhat stumped, really.

think about it - under what circumstances could you see yourself needing to purchase a contraceptive, trying to do so, find that they don't have and thus opt for either a sanitary product or headache remedy instead? as voyeuristic as it might be, i must say i would be curious to see if anyone was ever confronted with that sort of dilemma to find out what "Plan B" was and how they got to that conclusion.

anyone out there care to give a rational explanation as to what they would buy from that range if their first choice was not available??

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