Thursday, August 21, 2008

the informers

well, it would appear that 2008 has a least one more promising film for us!

the informers could, sadly, well go down as the last great work by the talented Brett Easton Ellis. the collection of short stories, often mistaken for being an actual novel, is a devistating collection showing off the man's talents for telling a tale with a dynamic flair for words. he has, alas, not shown this off since, with glamorama not being, shall we say, the greatest achievement of his career and the recent comeback, Lunar Park, seemingly not worth the effort of reading.

for those of you who have not read the informers, well, go get a copy! in the mean time, it's a collection of (rather loosely) connected, or if you will interwoven, short stories based in an around LA in the early 80's. it is as critical as it is observant to the characters within the various tales in the manner you would expect from the authour at his best, really. sadly, it's been a good 10 or 12 years since i read it, i don't recall all that much off the top of my head, bar the tale of the Rock Star and the tales of valium. any more details would be a bit of a spoiler, anyway.

that said, i believe i will be digging out my copy and having a re-read anyway on the basis of the rather awesome trailer that's out there for the film. it looks like they are going to deliver an undiluted interpretation of the tales, which means that it will not be suitable for all tastes!

looking at the account above, i think it's just dawned on me why the last two works of Ellis were failures, if comparative failures at least. neither of them have an 80's background or setting. ho hum, let's hope he clocks that valid point before he delivers another novel, then.

anyway, back to the film - if you have a gander at the cast for the fim by clicking here, you will see a rather interesting assortment of talent has signed up for it. nice one!!

well, not a good deal else i can say on this one right now!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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