Friday, August 01, 2008

The New T-800

well, this is not the usual kind of picture i would post here, but believe me it is the most suitable to show you who will be playing the T-800 in 2009's awesome looking Terminator Salvation!!

Roland Kickinger, for that is his name, will take over the iconic role which we all associate with Arnie. on the one side, it will be tough to see anyone but Arnie in the role, but on the other i say again that the excellent Sarah Connor Chronicles shows that Terminator can survive and succeed without the great Austrian politician.

the focus is all pretty much going to be on Christian Bale as John Connor for this one, you would think. that said, if this fella playing the T-800 can kickstart a career from this role (pretty much like Arnie did, with all due respect to Conan earlier in his career), then nice one, so much the better.

as for movie nerd's comment on Arnie maybe showing his face in the film, well, that might be cool, but it might also distract from the cast that they have? anyway, the last i heard was that Arnie, who "sort of" announced a retirement from movies, is making a comeback of sorts, but i believe only as far as an appearance in a Stallone movie?!?!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!
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