Sunday, August 03, 2008

Daniel eating, Lyla drilling.....

hey everyone

well, there has been a veritable tirade of pictures from New Zealand of late. thanks very much, greatly appreciated!!

it seems that young Daniel quite likes eating! i am led to believe that Daniel not only finishes all of his own meals (a trick we haven't quite got James to do), but he is rather happy to go around to everyone else and take from them whatever they don't wish to eat!

this is a sign of Grant being heavily involved in parenting, quite frankly. as Gillian, and all who have had the distinct honour of being seated in a dining arrangement with Grant will know, the man can demolish any amount of food presented and go back for more! nice one Grant, i look forward to news of chronic food shortages hitting the country before long!

Middleburg (or is it Middelburg?) have not been shy in regards of all things photographic either, and Erika has been playing nicely with the photo editing toys on her computer! here's the delightful Lyla with her excellent looking new toy, a rather impressive tool box!

James and Lyla were playing together over the weekend, but the tool box was (wisely) not made available to them. neither was the digital camera, so there's no pictures as such as of yet. i think Grandma used an "old school" film camera, so perhaps some pics will turn up one of these days, depending on how that whole developing business works in 2008!

anyway, here's another picture of Lyla with her tool box, clearly looking reading to head off and drill or saw away at something. anything.....

well, that's just about it from this side for today! hope the weekend was and is fun for you wherever you may be right now!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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