Friday, August 15, 2008

"we apologise for any inconvenience caused"

hey everyone

well, we are all back in town, somewhat exhausted, after a most excellent week at Sun City. we went up to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, and to let James run wild. we did both, and in the case of the latter to excess really!!

we had a fantastic time, but it all too often felt that the management of Sun City wanted to try and stop us doing that. for some inexplicable reason, many areas were closed down for "unannounced" and certainly unplanned maintenance. here's a mere two of the twenty or so signs we saw as we walked around!

this one above was particularly annoying, really. it was a great heated pool near where we were staying, and it was a major disappointment for us all that it was closed. as the temperature of all the pools which were open (Cascades closed too!!) was a touch colder than what you would find in a standard freezer, it did put a dampener on events. oh well, we managed to swim a bit as some pictures to follow will show!!

they also deemed it necessary to close the "bridge of time" down for the whole week too. or perhaps longer, the sign for this one isn't quite as specific

rather odd, all that happens on it is that it shakes a bit, smoke comes out of some mock fireplaces and you hear some animal noises. i am neither deft nor skilled in the ways of modern mechanics, but if the bridge isn't falling over, i am not at all sure what could take them so long to do "maintenance" on that!!

anyway, pictures of places at Sun City that were open to follow soon!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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