Monday, August 18, 2008

birthday celebrations

hey there

as well as marking the day on which The King removed himself from the public eye (see previous post), August 16 also marks the birthday of James' cousins, Jade and Skyla, as well as Auntie Natasha, also known as Michele's sister and Jade and Skyla's Mummy.

after the long drive back from Sun City we simply couldn't stay at the party as long as we wanted too (i am still somewhat under the weather), but James nonetheless got to run around and have some fun!

here's James posing with Jade and Skyla - well done Michele for getting a picture with the three of them sort of in it!!

James took quite a shine to the play house! i think we shall have to have a look around for one for our garden, if one will even fit in our garden!!

i believe we all had one when we were kids. well, not like this one exactly; if memory serves correctly Richard, Gillian and I had a most splendid Wombles play house when we were young!

i will wager that James' Grandad can find and scan a picture of it - over to you, Dad!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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