Thursday, August 07, 2008

James and Lyla

hey there

you may recall that last week (i think) i mentioned that there were some pictures of James' recent visit to Grandma, but they were actual proper pictures and not scanned ones. well, they have been developed, and i have had a bash at scanning some of them!

and just what does James get up to when he visits Grandma? housework, it seems. something that he does not do at home, might i add!!

Grandma very wisely deflected any questions about setting James to work in the kitchen by stating upfront that James goes through about a bottle of dishwashing liquid on each visit!

an added bonus for his recent visit was Lyla being there - here's a pic of them surveying all the beautiful and elegant plants and flowers in the garden!

nice one, it all looks rather impressive, and the two of them look suitably impressed!

oh dear, i think the pics are a touch blurry! either the disposable camera wasn't that great, or my hit and hope approach to scanning them was not all that it could have been on the hope side of things!

and then, after a tour of the garden, time for a nice sit down!!

it's always great to catch pictures of the two of them like this. usually such times only arrive after 2 or 3 hours of territory marking, where they grab everything they can find in the house and declare it to be theirs ("mine!" "MINE!" "MINE MINE MINE!!!"), but after that they soon get on fine!

anyway, not too sure if there will be all that many updates for the next week or so. i shall do my best, but can promise nothing. i don't feel too bad about that (if i don't do some updates) in the light of all the ones today!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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